Scholarship Writing Tips

Scholarship Writing Tips

Helpful Scholarship Tips

1. Pay close attention to deadlines

a.) Do Not Wait Until the Last Minute! Whether a college /or scholarship application, make sure to get an early start! Finish in a very timely fashion so as to ensure you it is complete well before the deadline. Something else may surface with the same due date later. Being timely will help you to apply for as many possible $ as you can.

b.) Make sure you fill out the FAFSA by February 1st even if you don't your W-2 yet, a best estimate if acceptable.

2. Make sure that you provide accurate contact information

a.) Many students fail to check and recheck their information before they submit their application for college, financial aid and scholarships. Make sure to double and triple check (maybe even ask a parent or friend to check for you). You want to make sure you are providing the correct email (one you actually check on a regular basis) and mailing address, otherwise you cannot be reached with good news.

3. Letters of recommendation are a good thing

a.) Obtain letters of recommendation from people who can attest to your academic ability, it is best to ask and instructor and/or a counselor. not your best friend, parent, pastor, or neighbor (unless specifically asked for). Ask