SAT/ACT Information



Not all schools require you to send them your scores on the SAT or ACT now, but by taking the tests you will have the opportunity to decide if you want to use the scores at schools that will accept them.

Prior to filling out any college application, take the SAT or ACT if you are applying to a school where these tests are required. Should you get a high score, this can go far in helping to catapult you past the competition and get you into the school that is your first choice. 

Before taking the SAT or ACT, spend plenty of time taking practice tests. You can find practice tests at their websites, including one from KAHN ACADEMY on the SAT website that students often find helpful and easy to use.

It is suggested that students take at least one ACT or SAT test during their Junior year and then at least one in their Senior year. It's never too early to start thinking about those tests. 


Registration for the SAT testing events can be found at


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